Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fanny Hill, or Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure by John Cleland

Rating 3.5/5

I've seen reviews of this book in which it is described as porn, smut, and/or as having no plot. None of this is true. It's a coming of age story and an exploration of sexuality. Cleland deserves some sort of award for writing a book almost entirely about sex without using a single "dirty" word - although some of his metaphors are extremely amusing. My personal favourite is "oily balsamic injection". Fanny is an interestingly delightful character. However, I thought it completely unrealistic that Fanny was so enamoured with the appearance of men's testicles. In reality, women do not admire that particular body part - it is of no use to us (unless we are trying to get pregnant or want to hurt a man badly!), and it looks, at the very least, ridiculous. Nature should have made sperm hearty enough to survive a man's internal body temperature. Just sayin.

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