Sunday, September 12, 2010

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Rating 4/5

I enjoyed this book very much and will definitely read the next in the series. There were a few things that stretched my sense of credibility, though being a fan of scifi, the time travelling wasn't one of them. It was some of claire's decisions - like choosing to remain in dirty, cold and smelly 1743 where people were trying to kill her rather than go back to a great life in the future; not to mention quickly forgiving and continuing to respect a man who had enjoyed lashing her nearly to death with his belt. I'm a (closet) romantic, but even to me love seems a poor excuse for these things. Moreover, these decisions don't fit with her practical, headstrong character. But I admit her doing otherwise wouldve completely ruined the story. I did think at one point maybe she'd go through the stones again and find herself another 200 years into the past, which would have changed but not necessarily ruined the story. Anyway, I found the story as it was fast paced and rather action packed. I had absolutely no interest in the history of the period in Scotland, but she managed to make it compelling for me.

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