Monday, May 14, 2012

The Medusa Amulet by Robert Masello

The Medusa Amulet by Robert Masello

Rating: 3/5

****spoiler alert****This review contains spoilers*****

Sometimes I just need to read something fast-paced and easy, to take a break from the stuff I usually read, and this book was a good pick to do that. At first there were some things that annoyed me, but I was able to get over much if it by reading quickly. I thought the fantastical elements were kind of weirdly out of place in what would otherwise have been a standard historical mystery, but I was willing to accept that.

The author went one step too far, however, when he brought Hitler into the mix. My ability to suspend my disbelief totally snapped at that point. I also had to wonder why, at the end of the book, the amulet had the power to heal, instead of just stopping aging. I honestly thought that when Sarah looked in the mirror she would've gotten stuck on the brink of death rather than fully restored. I think the author took a cheesy road to a happy ending rather than pursue the lesson to be learned. But, it's a book written for a wide audience who probably wouldn't have liked a tragic ending. Oh well.

The book served its function for me, giving me a break from the two more difficult and very long books I'm in the middle of. I'm sure I will forget the entire thing in a month, but it was fun.

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