Tuesday, November 13, 2012

SecondWorld by Jeremy Robinson

Rating: 3/5

A fast-paced sci-fi thriller about a world-wide Nazi conspiracy. It's completely implausible for many reasons, but if you get over that it's not a bad book. For me the most implausible thing was that so many people were involved in the conspiracy and nobody on the outside found out about it. The science seemed to border on the ridiculous - zero point energy, anti-gravity, cryogenics etc. I could deal with one of these things being real, but not all of them. Or if the story was set in the future, it would be easier to believe they'd been achieved. But I was able to shrug/write it off and enjoy most of the book anyway.

You got your standard military hero, retired Navy SEAL Lincoln Miller, as all-American as cars and beer (look at his name - see what I did there?) You got your tough but sexy romantic interest, Elizabeth Adler. You've got your comedic relief side-kick, The Cowboy. You've got your double-crosser, your international running and gunning, your cryptic antique journal... What I'm saying is this book follows the standard thriller formula, but somehow it managed not to annoy me. There was very little focus on developing a romance between the hero and heroine (absolutely no mention/comparison of ex-spouses or speculative internal monologues about a possible relationship) and I appreciated that these two, unlike many thriller protagonists, were too focused on saving the word to think about boinking each other.

I liked the characters in this book, especially Arwen and The Cowboy. I just wonder, why'd it have to be Nazis? We already know their agenda, we know they're evil, and we already hate them, all of which saves the author from having to come up with his own Big Bad and MO. Kind of lazy, if you ask me. I like my villains a little more complex and morally gray, with motivations that are somewhat understandable even if their methods are reprehensible. Overall, I found this book was enjoyable but forgettable.

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