Saturday, April 27, 2013

Readathon Challenge #14: Share A Quote

Share a Quote Challenge

The quote I've chosen requires a little background info. I tried to think of an easier one but to be honest this was the only specific thing that struck me, even though as a whole the book was amazing. It's from All of Me: How I Learned to Live with the Many Personalities Sharing My Body by Kim Noble.

Kim Noble appeared on the television show Oprah in 2010. As a result of severe and repeated abuse as a very small child, her personality fractured into hundreds of separate people, a condition known as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Here is a video clip from the interview Oprah's producers did with Kim before she appeared on the show.

"Kim Noble" is the designation for the body that hosts all of these disparate personalities. All of Me is written by Patricia, the now-dominant personality. She fought, and succeeded to regain legal custody of her daughter Aimee, who for the most part, did grow up in Kim's care, but under "placement" conditions. Kim was treated by social services as a foster parent, despite being Aimee's birth mother, and subject to bi-annual reviews. Aimee is by all accounts a healthy teenager, who has always been able to distinguish between Kim's personalities and accepts it as a normal part of her life, although it is sometimes emotionally difficult. In the book, Patricia speaks about her appearance on Oprah, which included a guest who's mother also had DID.

      What really concerned me, however, was when another guest on the show, the adult daughter of a woman with DID who'd died recently, was asked if she had any advice for Aimee. She had three words: 'Support your mother.'
      Aimee and I were sitting in the audience by this stage. If we hadn't been I'd have leapt up to answer that. I've got support workers and therapists to support me. Aimee's my daughter, not my caretaker. She deserves the childhood this body was so brutally denied. It's my job to love and raise her to the best of my abilities, not to depend on her. She's a child, for goodness' sake!

This section of the book struck me powerfully. After everything Patricia had been through, leading such a devastatingly confusing and difficult life, she still had her head on straight. A weaker person would have indeed leaned too heavily on her child, but Patricia refuses to see herself as a victim, and makes Aimee her absolute first priority at all times. It's truly inspiring.

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  1. Indeed inspiring!! Awesome post! :) And the quote as well :) Hope you enjoyed the readathon! :) :)