Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ruins (Partials #3) by Dan Wells

Ruins (Partials #3) by Dan Wells
Rating: 3/5

From what I can remember of the previous books, I think this one was better than the second one. It was paced more quickly and there was a lot going on. There was so much going on that at times it got a bit confusing. Dozens of characters in separate, ever-changing groups, always on the move, people dying and new characters being introduced almost until the end makes for a lot to keep track of. 

The relationshippy parts in this series seem a bit packaged and shallow to me, kind of forced and even too easy in a way. And the way it wrapped up so neatly in the end was disappointing. I did enjoy Marcus as comic relief. And I was impressed at what Vale ended up doing in White Plains, not necessarily because I approve of his action but because it was unexpected in a YA novel. There was so much death and gore and violence you wouldn't think it appropriate for this genre but somehow I didn't feel much of the horror you might expect. The author attempted to have his characters feel something about this but did not succeed in transferring that feeling to this reader. 

This series is clearly bound for movie adaptation à la Hunger Games and Divergent. And I think it might even be quite decent in that format. As for the books, they were a mostly enjoyable adventure but didn't delve as deep into the emotions and issues they raised as much as I would've liked. The trilogy focuses more on action than anything else.

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